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8 Signs That it May be Time to Outsource Medical Billing

Jan 16

The most important aspect of any medical practice is quality patient care. If your practice is unable to offer that because of the tough process of medical billing, then it is time to outsource medical billing from companies like UControl Billing. Keep on reading if you want to understand if your practice needs to outsource.

Like running other businesses, managing a healthcare practice is not an easy task. In order to manage a practice well, you not only have to provide the best patient care but also have to manage a long list of administrative tasks. In this situation, undertakings such as medical billing can take a lot of time and also drain out your enthusiasm. 

Whereas for a successful medical practice, handling medical billing and coding is as important as providing quality patient care. The reason is that if you neglect to get your medical billing coded correctly, and in time your medical practice could get into a financial tsunami. The only way out of this disaster is to contact perfect medical billing service providers who have the best medical billing specialist.

 Let’s discuss that in detail: 

When Is it The Right Time to Outsource Medical Billing?

The right time to reach out to medical billing service provider is when your practice is facing any of the following issues: 

Administrative Strain

When a practice decides to opt for in-house medical billing, they should know that it is stressful and, at the same time, time-consuming for your administrative staff. This is because it requires rigorous training to stay updated because the codes and regulations keep on changing, and it also snatches the valuable time of your staff. Sometimes a medical practice is required to allot billing duties to its other staff in order to get the job done. This may lead your administrators to work on the weekend, which is very exhausting.

Burdening your staff in this way can cause a downfall in their working morale, and at the same time, it can cause billing and coding errors. This is when a medical practice should, at all costs, outsource its medical billing and coding. Although many medical practices believe that outsourcing medical billing is not affordable, the truth is the other way around, as outsourcing medical billing services can help a practice save a considerable amount of money in the long run. In addition, it makes practice efficient. 

A Decrease In Quality Of Patient Care

When the staff of medical practice has to handle medical billing and coding instead of what they are actually supposed to be focusing on (patient care), it can be compromised. Your practice may face issues such as; the staff working on reception might fail to address patients when they enter your practice. Instead, they might be focusing on filing a claim. The Nursing staff could be caught up on billing instead of attending the exam room. These little things have a significant impact on the patient’s perception of your practice. 

The patient requires utter attention and care upon walking into medical practice, and to attend them well is the duty of receptionists, office managers, and other such staff. If they are managing billing and coding, it will be impossible for them to make patient care the utmost priority! A good medical billing service provider will free up your team so that they can focus on their own job responsibilities instead of handling the time-consuming and stressful job of billing and coding. 

An Increase In Delayed Payments

When there are errors in the medical billing and coding, the work will increase, and the payments will be delayed. Therefore when you observe that your medical practice is facing plenty of denials, claim rejections, and losing valuable revenue, know that it is the right time to contact the medical billing specialists of a billing service provider. The reason for claim rejections is mostly clerical errors. 

If you decide upon outsourcing from UControl Billing, their medical billing specialists are highly trained in all areas of medical billing and coding. They are experts and are much faster at identifying the cause of claim denial than most administrator staff. There are some practices that have a high rejection rate, and these practices can clean their claim rate up to 99% by outsourcing from medical billing providers. By doing so, your practice will be repaid faster, and the revenue will also increase. 

Increased Reliance on Patient Payments

As the High Deductible Health Plan has been popularized, the medical practices now rely mostly upon patient payments. Therefore it is essential to work with a quality medical billing services provider. The medical billing specialist of the medical billing company will help your organization to form a calculated plan that will enable your practice to continue growing its revenue despite this change.

More Efforts Toward Difficult Collections

As relying on patient payments has increased, it has also resulted in the increment in payments that go to collections. Therefore instead of asking the staff of the practice to manage or chase down those payments, a practice should consider outsourcing medical billing. This will help in improving the management of difficult collections as well as improve your bottom line.

Revenue is Less than the Median

It is an obvious reason to outsource when the total revenue of your practice falls below the industry median. This is a very transparent indication that there is a need for some sort of change. If you want to keep your doors open as well as help the patients, then think seriously about the optimization of your revenue cycle. By choosing UControl Billing, you can increase the ranking of your practice in the median of the industry. 

Declining Efficiency In Workflow

It is a known fact that when too many people work on the same task, the efficiency, as well as the quality of that task, decreases. The reason behind this is that every person has a unique way of doing the same thing, which results in a disappointing final product. 

Similarly, in medical practice, when different staff members are all trying to perform a similar action, the claims either get rushed, duplicated, or not filed. When you outsource from UControl Billing, our medical billing specialists have undergone a rigorous training program that enables them to perform all the billing and coding in a similar way. They also double-check each claim before submission in order to ensure that everything was done correctly! 

High Staff Turnover

Keeping up with the billing staff can be hard, specifically when the revenue cycle’s flow is on a roller coaster. This is because in order to have successful billing, a medical practice needs to hire and train billing staff, and that is very costly as well as exhausting. If one fails to do so, important details can slip. Therefore when you see that the maintenance of billing staff is not a cup of tea for your practice, then outsourcing from a medical billing service provider can help you. The expert biller of a medical billing company will ensure that all your claims are processed smoothly! 


If you are facing some of the signs mentioned above in your healthcare practice, then it’s time to make a smart decision and outsource from a good medical billing service provider. As soon as you outsource from a billing company, you are likely to observe exponential growth. If you choose UControl Billing as your billing service provider, then be confident because you are going to get individualized attention, timely reports, and certified medical billing specialists. They have specialists who know how to get the job done right. If you want to know more, get in touch with Ucontrol Billing today for a free audit or to discuss any other queries. You can also visit their website by clicking on the attached link!