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Prepare Your Skin For Your Wedding Day

Sep 7

I should start by congratulating you. You've found the one with whom you want to spend the rest of your life! But, when the big day finally comes, remember that your skin can either help you or damage you to look and feel your best. Nobody wants a sudden skin emergency to occur the night before or on the wedding day. The best method to ensure success with beautiful skin is via preparation and, of course, a visit from facials near you!


Choose a reputable skin-care line and stick with it. Vitamins A, C, and E, as well as antioxidants, peptides, and growth factors must be present in topical products. These components have been thoroughly examined and clinically evaluated, and they have demonstrated improvements in skin appearance over the course of a lifetime. This is why these components are present in all basic serums and moisturizers.


In the months before your day, make a facial appointment for yourself. Although your everyday at-home routine is crucial, these intense skin "check-ups" will produce incredibly professional-looking results. During this stressful time, dietary choices may be taken into consideration. We are aware that nutrition can have a variety of effects on the skin, both good and bad, for maintaining the appearance of your skin.


Since the skin is the last organ to benefit from ingested vitamins and minerals, topical vitamin skin care as well as consuming vitamin-rich and high-water-content foods are essential. You can achieve healthy-looking skin by consuming leafy greens, bell peppers, guava fruit, berries, herbs/spices, and green tea, to name just a few superfoods. The best management of skin care is intimately related to diet and lifestyle.


Make an appointment for your makeup and hair trial. First, ensure that their and your vision for your special day are aligned. Then, purchase any upkeep supplies you might require for your occasion, like travel-sized products for your honeymoon, sanitary wipes, oil-blotting pads, and makeup finishing spray. Every C-Quence range is available in a stylish travel-sized version that would be ideal for a weeklong getaway with your sweetie.

Consider applying a conditioning serum for the eyelashes or brows, as they often take 4–8 weeks to show benefits and will make your makeup even more gorgeous on your wedding day.


Use an exfoliating body treatment like Dermalac Lotion if the skin on your legs, arms, chest, or bikini area is unevenly toned, red, or has lumps. The lotion has lactic acid, urea, and ammonium lactate, among other great moisturizers. Environ A, C, and E Body Oil and your daily broad spectrum SPF should be used after.


Maintain your skin-care routine! These include your day-and-night skin-care routine, daily use of broad-spectrum SPF to your face and neck, scheduling a monthly facial, choosing wholesome foods, and employing potent body care products.


Attend all your appointments, including any for touch-ups to your hair colour, waxing, a brightening facial, a spray tan, or a manicure. Use a homemade hand and lip exfoliation treatment at night. Hand and Nail Cream and a lip balm with SPF should be applied after. The week prior to the event, one can also think about using a home teeth-whitening kit.

Day Before

Avoid action. Enjoy some green tea and a warm bubble bath to unwind. After that, use Environ's A, C, and E Vitamin-enriched Body Oil to the body to give the skin a healthier appearance of hydration and radiance. After finishing your regular evening skin-care routine, get lots of rest!

Day of

As per usual, cleanse, tone, moisturize, and protect the skin. Drink a lot of water during the morning to stay hydrated. Sneak away for a quick 15-minute yoga or meditation practice before getting your hair and makeup done to ensure that your anxieties are at ease the entire day. Allow your hair and makeup professional to do their thing while you unwind. Spend time with folks who won't make you more stressed. Enjoy your celebration day and all the effort it took to get there.


Here at River District Aesthetics, we understand that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. We want to help you look and feel beautiful on this momentous occasion! Please schedule a consultation today to discuss how we can help you achieve your ideal appearance.