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New York NY - Culture and History

Apr 6

The cultural and economic capital of the United States, New York has a long, rich and storied history. From its early days when New Amsterdam was a settlement of the Dutch, to the present day, New York has welcomed millions of immigrants who have transformed its society and culture into one of the world's most cosmopolitan cities. Learn more about Diamond Vision - Lasik Eye Surgeons in New York here.

Art is an integral part of New York's culture, and you can find it everywhere in the city. It is reflected in everything from the iconic Statue of Liberty to the many art galleries that line Fifth Avenue. The city is also home to a number of important museums and galleries, such as the Museum of Modern Art.

Theater is another important part of the city's culture, and you can find it almost anywhere. It is a major tourist destination, with visitors from all over the world traveling to see live performances.

For those that prefer to watch a show, you can visit Broadway and other theatres, or check out smaller venues in Brooklyn, Queens and Westchester County.

Food is another big part of New York's culture, and there are plenty of delicious options to choose from when it comes to eating out. The delis on the Lower East Side are known for their pastrami on rye, and you can't go wrong with a burger from Shake Shack (there are many locations throughout the city).

Bagels are a popular staple in New York, too. These round doughy treats are boiled and then baked, giving them a chewy texture with a crispy outer crust. They can be topped with anything from cream cheese to lox.

The subway system in NYC is extensive, and you will probably want to get a MetroCard before your trip so you can take advantage of this free form of public transportation during your time in the city. It is operated by the MTA, or Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and it has many stations spread out across the five boroughs of New York City.

When it comes to the weather, you will find that the temperatures in New York are quite moderate. During the winter, the average temperature is 31 deg F and in the summer it is 72 deg F.

You can enjoy outdoor activities in the warm weather, especially during the spring and summer months. In addition, the city offers a large variety of parks and recreation facilities. Some of the most famous parks are Central Park, Prospect Park, Hudson River State Park and Brooklyn Bridge Park.

There are also a number of museums and galleries that feature art from all over the world. These include the American Museum of Natural History and Hayden Planetarium, as well as a host of smaller specialty museums.

Literature is also a huge part of the city's culture, and the many writers who call New York home contribute to a rich and diverse literary scene. Some of the most acclaimed contemporary writers in the country are based here, including Norman Mailer, Jhumpa Lahiri, Paul Auster, Jonathan Safran Foer and Siri Hustvedt.