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Finding the Right Real Estate Team for New Agents

Jun 21

A real estate team can be a valuable resource for agents looking to grow their business. They can provide a variety of benefits, from the all-important lead generation to the support and structure that is sometimes lacking in a solo agent’s career. However, not all teams are created equal, and it’s important for new agents to find one that meets their specific needs. To know more visit

When evaluating potential real estate teams, it’s important to consider the team size, structure, and branding. A good team will have a clear plan for growth and be structured in a way that allows their agents to thrive. This includes providing regular and relevant training, as well as opportunities for professional development outside the team. Lenders and title companies are always happy to provide team members with valuable training at no cost, and many teams will cover the cost of attending conferences and seminars for their agents.

While the financial benefit of joining a real estate team may seem obvious, it’s also worth considering how different teams structure their commission splits and caps. For instance, some will include all marketing and admin fees in the commission split, while others will require their agents to pay for these services separately. It’s also important to know how leads are distributed within the team, as this can have a big impact on an agent’s bottom line.

For example, some teams will follow a “teamerage on a rainmaker model,” where a team leader acts as a mentor and generates most of the team’s leads. They then assign the leads to their agents, which may include a buyer’s agent and seller’s agent working in tandem. The team leader will often have a team of rockstar assistants that work together to feed agents with quality leads while still maintaining a strong focus on the client experience.

If you’re a new agent, it’s a great idea to network with other agents and look for opportunities to join their team. Many teams will post their available positions on social media, and you can also ask other agents about their experiences with specific real estate teams.

In addition to finding the right fit in terms of commission splits, caps, and marketing fees, new agents should also consider how the team culture and brand fits with their own. A good team will be a great match in all areas, including culture, branding, and the ability to attract and retain clients.

In a world where there’s more competition than ever, it’s important to be able to stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, a well-defined and articulated brand is key to an agent’s success. With the right branding strategy, new agents can make a big difference with their listing presentations and win more business. But without a solid foundation, even the most creative and unique branding will fall short of its potential. That’s why it’s so important for real estate agents to have a strategy that focuses on building a long standing and cash-flowing business.